The Law Office of Robert L. Berlin specializes in employment based cases.
Each year, thousands of individuals from different countries travel to the United States to work. If you are in need of a temporary or permanent business or employment related visa, we can help. Whether you’re an individual seeking a business-related work visa or a business seeking H1B for temporary workers in a specialty occupation, you will need the guidance and expertise of a knowledgeable attorney. The laws surrounding employment-based immigration can be intimidating and incredibly complex, but with the help of an experienced and skilled attorney, you can avoid various penalties and make certain you or your employees adhere to all government regulations for employment-based immigration.

If you knowingly employ an individual who lacks the proper documentation that coincides with the standards of the USCIS or fail to keep said documentation updated, you could face serious penalties. With the assistance of the Law Office of Robert L. Berlin, you will be certain to abide by the strict regulations set in place for employment-based immigration. If necessary, we will represent you, as an employee or employer, in court.

With over 35 years of experience, the attorneys at the Law Office of Robert L. Berlin are equipped to represent you and assist with employment-based immigration cases.

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For assistance with obtaining any of the following employment-based documents, contact the Law Office of Robert L. Berlin:

  • Temporary business-related work visas
  • H1B temporary workers in a specialty occupation
  • Employment-based permanent residence petitions
  • IRCA compliance
  • I-9 compliance
  • Applications for extension of stay
  • Applications for change of status
  • L-1 intra-company transferees; managers and executives of multi-national companies
  • Immigrants with extraordinary ability or achievement
  • E-treaty traders/investors; visas for immigrant investors with substantial funds invested in the United States
  • TN professionals; visas limited to nationals of Mexico and Canada

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