Study Help for the U.S. English Exam

The road to citizenship in the United States often runs into a roadblock for so many people, simply because they are ill prepared for the English test. The English test is instrumental in applying to be a permanent citizen of the United States of America. As you go through the process of becoming a citizen, being able to prepare for the English exam properly is going to be pivotal. Your lawyer Jacksonville FL should be able to assist you with this regarding how to study, where and what to expect.

Understanding the Test

The English test has three major components to it. They include reading, writing and speaking. Your ability to speak the English language simply is going to be determined by the same USCIS Officer you have your eligibility interview with. As you file Form N-400 for Application for Naturalization, part of the interview process will be the English-speaking portion of the test.

The reading portion is going to be a bit different as you are going to be required to read one of out of three sentences presented to you correctly. The last part of the test is going to be the writing portion. Again, similar to the reading, you are going to have to write out one of three sentences correctly.  

Preparation Materials

There are a lot of readiness materials that are available to assist you. The U.S. Government Bookstore has many books available to you so that you can get your hands on USCIS products and publications. The materials are all guided to allow you to get a better understanding of what you can expect on the exam.

Some of the best study materials include the reading vocabulary flash cards, as well as writing vocabulary flash cards that are made available. When you use these flashcards, you’ll see the key vocabulary that is often used on the test.

Practice Questions

Practice tests are made available online so that you can get access to some similar questions people are asked when taking the exam. When you couple your studying of practice tests and flashcards with the assistance of our lawyer Jacksonville FL professionals, you should feel confident heading in.

The Requirement

The English test is a requirement to become a citizen of the United States. It is important to understand this to pass the exam. There are only a few rare circumstances where it will be waived based on your age or permanent resident status. Other than those exemptions, it is something you are going to have to tackle. But if you prepare, you’ll be ready for any of questions are asked of you.


The hurdle that so many face when it comes to the English exam, is the fear of the unknown.  When you are not familiar with the test, or not adequately prepared for it, you’re not going to have excellent odds of passing it successfully.  Just like any other exam, you have to focus on what it will take to pass it. Our lawyer Jacksonville FL professionals can help.