How a New Presidential Administration Affects Your Immigration Status


The election of a new President of the United States is something that is going to impact everyone, including immigrants.  Immigration seems to be one of the big topics of discussion at every single presidential election cycle.  The candidates talk about their stance on immigration and what they want to do to change it. While all of this talking is good, it can be difficult to understand how this is going to impact you!  The road to temporary legal status, permanent residence and citizenship in the United States is difficult enough right as it is, but now you have candidates talking about changing it. So, how does it affect you?


How Presidents Impact Immigration

The road to legal status in the United States of America is something that is always in flux.  What may be the process at one point in a year may change entirely in the next.  The President of the United States can impact immigration in many ways.


Take a quick look at any two presidents in recent history and what they’ve done for immigration.  A search on Google will reveal their stances and the work they have done in the area.  They may have very different ideals and it impacted how many immigrants were able to come to the United States and obtain legal status.  Presidents have a lot of power over immigrants, their rights and their path to legal status.


The Law is Changing

Immigration law is always changing.  It is near impossible to stay updated on everything by yourself.  Our team at Berlin Law helps to sift through all of the new legislation and executive orders in Washington.  We want to help you and make it easy to understand the road to legal status.


The ways the laws change make it very necessary to have knowledge of every aspect about immigration, even when some laws have not passed yet.  Even though the current President of the United States may not have done everything he wants to do for immigration, laws are constantly changing.


The job of our team at Berlin Law is to keep our ears to Washington.  If you are someone that is working towards obtaining temporary legal status, permanent residence or citizenship in the United States but has not yet applied, you want to know what the landscape is going to be in near future.  Does it make sense to wait and apply later, or to go for it now based on the way that the immigration process is constructed?  The difficult questions are what our team at Berlin Law wants to answer.


The road to temporary legal status, permanent residence and citizenship is something that is complicated enough even without laws changing.  Our experts at Berlin Law understand this and want to help you.  The more you are aware of the laws and the landscape, the easier it is going to be for you.  We take every one of our clients on with the goal of helping them in any way possible.  Reach out to us today so you know where the law stands, where it is going and what the best path is for you!